Our Story

In 2015 during a time of prayer, the Lord gave Valerie Beck a vision for a ministry called House of Hope that was for women in need. Unsure of the scope and details of the ministry, she committed this vision to prayer. As years went by, several others joined in prayer for the ministry and for those who would bring it to fruition.

At the same time, God had been growing a passion in the hearts of Sean and Beckie Starkey to respond to the crisis of vulnerable women caught up in trafficking, leading them to use their gift of hospitality to create a refuge.

Through a series of unlikely events, the Lord brought Valerie and Sean & Beckie together at a worship and prayer evening at Trinity Church. While members of the same congregation, each was unaware of the similar dream the Lord had laid on their hearts. With Valerie’s efforts in anti-trafficking and the Starkeys’ passion and experience helping young women, it was clear they needed to work together.

In 2020, with the Board of Directors confirmed, the Launch Team set to work and House of Hope gained their 501(c)(3) status. The team that the Lord has brought together is using best practices to develop a thorough business plan, ensuring the women who will one day be served by House of Hope receive the best possible care.

This ministry belongs completely to God. House of Hope commits to trusting His timing and His provision in all things.